Bright Automotive Shopping PHEV Van Internationally

Duke Energy, which serves 800,000 customers in Indiana and is an investor in Bright.

Published: 23-Jun-2009

ANDERSON — Bright Automotive is marketing its homegrown hybrid to the world.

Officials from the Anderson-based startup traveled to Iceland last week to discuss bringing its plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle, the Idea, to Europe. Bright developed the lead during the EVS-24 conference in Stavenger, Norway, which ran May 13-16.

“We met with a large consortium group that included the Icelandic postal service,” said Lyle Shuey, vice president of marketing and sales for Bright. “Iceland is en route to Europe, it’s kind of the midway point. They also have a fully sustainable electric grid there, based on hydroelectric power and thermal energy.”


Ford Max S utilizes plug-in hybrid drive and Capstone microturbine.

Ford S-Max seven seat crossover vehicle is a series hybrid with a C30 microturbine under the hood as an electric range extender.


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