EnerDel to Invest $3.3M in Battery Research

Funding is to find way to eliminate overcharging in lithium-ion cells.

Published: 23-Jun-2009

Battery maker EnerDel, Inc. will invest $3.3 million in a research project to develop a technology to eliminate overcharging in lithium-ion cells.

The funds - obtained from the Department of Energy's Vehicle Technologies Program last month - will be allocated for the development of a new chemical additive that acts as a "shuttle agent" to effectively cap the voltage of the cell. The additive transports the charge through the cell once the desired voltage is reached.

"Overcharging cells in pack systems is normally monitored with voltage monitoring circuits. Refining this at the base chemistry level of the cell will vastly improve reliability and overall pack efficiency," the company said in a statement.


Think wants to gear up to produce 10,000 cars a year in 2009 with EnerDel supplying the batteries.

Mikado 600 3D helicopter is agile and fast, and can go 100 miles per hour in a straight horizontal line, and 50 miles per hour in a vertical line. Its LiPo battery pack costs $400.

The development and configuration of the new energy storage module is expected to be finished by mid-2010. Picture is prototype lithium polymer pouch.


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