Ex-Disney Researcher Develops Para-Hydrogen Generator

Device said to reduce gasoline usage up to to 50 percent.

Published: 07-Feb-2009

As an elementary school student in the Bahamas, Tony Ruiz read in a 1940s textbook that one day cars would be able to drive above 60 miles per hour. By the time he was an adult, Ruiz was cruising around in a Jeep, which could clock speeds well over 100 mph, in his new hometown of Sag Harbor.

Ruiz, however, isn’t interested in merely driving vehicles, he would also like to revolutionize the way cars run. After leaving behind a successful career in research and development for the Disney Corporation, Ruiz produced a preliminary version of his hydrogen generator for vehicles. The machine, subsequently dubbed the “Env-E,” is a para-hydrogen hybrid retrofit generator. The “Env-E” does the job of gasoline in a vehicle, but with the generator the combustion is caused by hydrogen.

“When I first started this, people would tell me not to hold my breath for hydrogen technology,” said Ruiz. “I heard it was 50 years away from being a reality.”


The patented Procooler air conditioning system will be installed on all production models and operates more efficiently than traditional air conditioning systems

Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE in snow conditions it is likely to encounter in Norway starting in 2009.

Beginning in 2009, Mazda will provide approximately 30 RX-8 Hydrogen RE vehicles for the HyNor project

Top view of Scorpian sports car, versions of which will be powered by blending of gasoline and hydrogen.

The H2 for this blended gasoline/hydrogen system is derived from fracturing water molecules drawn from a small on board water tank.


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