Like Vending Machines for Electric Cars

Coulomb plans to have about 1,000 chargers in place by the end of the year in San Jose, California.

Published: 05-Feb-2009

Richard Lowenthal used to worry about the electric-auto industry's chicken-and-egg question: Which will come first, the chargers or the cars?

But now that Coulomb Technologies has installed four of its ChargePoint Network electric-car charging stations in downtown San Jose and just landed $3.75 million in first-round venture funding, Lowenthal doesn't have time to worry.

"Our company is all about enabling the purchase of electric vehicles," said Lowenthal, chief executive of the Campbell startup. "We want to make sure that everybody can fuel them."


Piaggio Porter pictured at right has electric driving range of 7-120 km with a top speed of 60 km/hr.

New Alias electric three-wheeler will be marketed under Detroit Electric name.

Folding electric scooter is designed to be part of urban mobility sharing scheme.


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