Vancouver-based REV to Offer Hymotion Plug-in Conversion

The Hymotion L5 installation adds 5kw of A123 lithium ion battery and charging system to the original Prius drive train.

Published: 04-Feb-2009

VANCOUVER -- Today REV has announced it will offer the Hymotion L5 plug-in conversion system for Toyota Prius owners in BC. The plug-in conversion by renowned electric vehicle battery company A123 effectively doubles the economy for Prius owners to over 100 MPG or 2.35L / 100km with up to 60 km of electric-assisted driving.

“The success of the Hymotion L5 Plug-In conversion in the USA clearly demonstrates consumer demand for plug-in vehicles, and as such with limited supply available we expect to sell out quickly,” states REV Founder Jay Giraud. “As the flagship dealer for Hymotion in Canada we are very excited to bring this product to market, and we think it will compliment our REV Ford electric vehicle conversions very well.”

The Province of B.C. announced that it is supporting plug-in electric vehicles with an investment of $400,000 to convert up to 40 vehicles in a joint venture with Municipalities in B.C. The Governments action sends a strong statement about their commitment towards achieving the 2020 goal of GHG reduction by 33% and shows strong commitment towards a sustainable transportation system. REV is responding by adding the Hymotion conversion technology to its offerings to meet the needs of BC’s vehicle fleet operators, governments and consumers.

The Hymotion L5 installation adds 5kw of A123 lithium ion battery and charging system to the original Prius drive train. Tested and proven with hundreds of Prius owners in the US including employees at Google’s Recharge It program, the Hymotion L5 kit brings the Toyota Prius’s fuel economy to average more than 100 MPG or 2.35l / 100km by adding an electrically assisted range of as much as 60 km. The Hymotion L5 system has been successfully crash approved and meets the NHTSA safety test requirements.

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