PHOTO CAPTION: Peapod Mobility's Peapod can carry four passengers. Two passenger and utility truck versions are also plannned

Is the GEM Peapod Gay?

BNET Advertising blogger Jim Edwards seems to think so as he dishes Chrysler's newest neighborhood electric car design, calling it a failure before it launches.

Published: 31-Jan-2009

Arnell Group boss Peter Arnell will launch this spring the GEM Peapod, an electric car from a unit spun off Chrysler, Adweek reports. Arnell has a lot of his reputation riding on this, as he is Chrysler’s chief innovation officer and lead director at Peapod Mobility.

Even if we allow for the fact that he’s an ad agency chief and not a car designer, the Peapod is probably one of the worst vehicles ever conceived. Here’s why.

There’s an old episode of The Simpsons in which the family makes a trip to an aging Epcot-like center, where they ride on an electric car of the future:


Hero Motors Ultra Maxi uses a 250 watt motor to avoid falling into category that would require license fees, road taxes and registration.

The scooters currently come in two models, 1000 and 1500 watts, and retail for NZ$2200 and NZ$2400 including GST. Photo courtesy of Scoop.

Piaggio Porter pictured at right has electric driving range of 7-120 km with a top speed of 60 km/hr.


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