PHOTO CAPTION: Chrysler 200c ENVI plug-in electric concept car could utilize battery swapping similar to Better Place proposal.

Chrysler's Jim Press Offers New Insight into Electric Car Plans

Company considering battery exchange concept as part of charging infrastructure.

Published: 30-Jan-2009

In an intimate roundtable discussion I attended today, Chrysler President Jim Press discussed the challenges of continued devleopment of Chrysler's ENVI-powered electric vehicles - one of which will be released in 2010.

Currently, Chrysler is road-testing 100 ENVI vehicles and addressing issues such as the cost and "robustness" of the vehicle batteries. Chrysler is considering leasing the batteries in order to keep consumer cost down - or establishing a "only pay for what you use" strategy. Future developments also include an extended-range electric vehicle with an on-board generator that will recharge the battery when necessary.

Press (formerly of Toyota) says that Chrysler is currently debating how to create a large scale infrastructure that will support battery recharging. One consideration is the develoment of stations that would have charged batteries in stock...entertaining a "shared use" concept where a driver drops off a nearly-dead battery for recharging and takes off with one that is fully charged.


ZAP is hoping to keep the MSRP at $30,000 for the Alias three-wheeler pictured here.

Hero Motors Ultra Maxi uses a 250 watt motor to avoid falling into category that would require license fees, road taxes and registration.

The scooters currently come in two models, 1000 and 1500 watts, and retail for NZ$2200 and NZ$2400 including GST. Photo courtesy of Scoop.


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