Tesla Reverses Plan for San Jose Plant

Electric car builder now looking for brown fields sites elsewhere in California after failing to secure $100 in venture capital funding.

Published: 30-Jan-2009

Tesla Motors Inc., has reversed a decision to locate locate its headquarters and manufacturing facility in San Jose, California, according to the San Jose Business Journal.

The Journal reports that the electric car maker was unable to secure the necessary $100 million in venture capital financing it needed to build the $250 million facility. A spokesperson for Tesla tells the Journal that the company has now applied for $400 million in low-interest federal loans through the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program, but that this program favors brownfield sites on which existing facilities can be rehabilitated; the San Jose site Tesla had originally chosen is an undeveloped greenfield site and would not likely qualify for the loans.

The company says it is now looking for sites in both northern and southern California and may choose three different locations for the headquarters, a manufacturing facility for its Model S auto, and a battery and powertrain plant


ZAP is hoping to keep the MSRP at $30,000 for the Alias three-wheeler pictured here.

Hero Motors Ultra Maxi uses a 250 watt motor to avoid falling into category that would require license fees, road taxes and registration.

The scooters currently come in two models, 1000 and 1500 watts, and retail for NZ$2200 and NZ$2400 including GST. Photo courtesy of Scoop.


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