Thinking Green: A Way to Heal What We Have Destroyed

The Obama-Biden energy plan presages a hybrid revolution.

Published: 29-Jan-2009

Wouldn't you just love to pull up to the Citgo gas station on York Road to see the price for regular gas set at $0.90? Unfortunately, prices set that low currently can only be found in the Middle East. If you're not interested in moving any time soon, I suggest you take a look at "The Obama-Biden Comprehensive New Energy for America Plan." A Hybrid Revolution seems to be in the near future.

President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden will take the initiative to make more than a majority of American cars, trucks and SUVs fuel-efficient. Now, how exactly does our newly sworn in leader plan to go about this? There are six specific components to Obama and Biden's plan for fuel efficiency, two of which will directly affect generations born in the 1980s and 1990s.

The first element of the plan directly involving the American people entails a set goal to place one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015 by investing in the development of advanced vehicles. These cars will be able to get over 250 miles per gallon of gas. Yes, you read correctly, 250 miles! Unfortunately, it cannot be said that this will be the first time in history that electric vehicles have roamed the streets of America. General Motors introduced the modernized electric vehicle, the EV1, nearly 13 years ago. The EV1 was not completely perfect but it did become available in states such as California and Arizona. By 1999, the EV1 was completely removed from the roads. The answer to its discontinuation still remains a mystery. Yet, in the near future, electric cars will be revived from extinction. If you still do not believe that any type of car will be able to master the art of getting 250 miles per gallon, especially with the conditions of the current economy, Obama's new energy plan is set out to prove you wrong.

The second section of the plan continues to promote the placement of electric vehicles on roads by putting federal funding toward domestic automakers to bring advanced vehicles, such as plug-in hybrids, into the lives of the American people. In turn, not only will American consumers save money, but they will also profit by the cars' remaining domestic and serving as a help to our economy. As a jumpstart to this hybrid revolution, President Obama has stated a goal to have the entire White House fleet converted to plug-in hybrids within his first year of presidency. So, hopefully when you are shopping for a new car in 2015, you will remember that not only can you help to initiate the new trend of hybrid cars but, in turn, you will save vast amounts of money while helping the American economy.

While I'm speaking about the current college student population being in the market for a car by 2015, I am sure that with the recent, drastic rise in unemployment, many current college students are nervous they might not have a job by 2015. Well, I am ecstatic to state that there is no reason to be worried. Another part of Obama and Biden's new energy plan involves first investing in an energy efficient future, including plug-in hybrids, which will then result in 5 million new "green" jobs. A huge sum of money - $150 billion - will be tactically invested over the course of 10 years to develop and promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, plug-in hybrids and a transfer to a "new digital electricity grid." This increase in demand for the newly developed green technologies will require millions of new workers. Those new workers could be you.

President Obama and Vice-President Biden have developed the new energy plan for one main reason. The earth is in peril, and as every human on the earth has contributed to the destruction of the planet, we must all help to repair it. Repair of the earth will take a global effort. The new energy plan is America's first effective step towards repairing the damage we have caused. David Orr, a Democratic politician from Chicago, once said, "When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves." "The Obama-Biden Comprehensive New Energy Plan" is a chance for American's to make a personal impact on the healing of the earth.

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