Toyota Battery Recycling Effort 7 Years Old

The battery’s copper, bronze and plastic wires are recycled locally while circuit boards and battery elements are exported for recycling.

Published: 28-Jan-2009

FEAR not the implications of worn out toxic hybrid car batteries because Toyota has had a recycling process for the battery packs of its hybrid-technology vehicles for more than seven years.

The process was put in place ahead of the Australian launch of the world’s first mass-produced hybrid, the petrol-electric Toyota Prius, in 2001.

Toyota Australia’s David Buttner said Toyota distributors around the world ensured a battery recycling system was established at the time of launching hybrid vehicles in each market.


The new batteries will make the GM Hybrid System nearly three times more powerful than the system it replaces. Pictured is 2009 Saturn Vue Green Line with Two-mode hybrid drive.

Dramatic developments in stored-power technology make electric cars more viable than ever. Pictures is Th!nk Global's new Ox crossover vehicle.

Chrysler is looking to develop their next generation of plug-ins to compete directly with GM's upcoming 2010 Volt using GE's 'dual-battery' energy storage system.


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