Electric Cars, Smart Meters Are Match Make in Efficiency

Smart metering technologies allow consumers and, potentially appliances, to be aware of how much electricity is being consumed everywhere so that they can try to consume when other people are not.

Published: 26-Jan-2009

The picture of our carbon-free energy future is often depicted by a sea of solar panels shimmering in the sun, or orderly lines of giant white wind mills covering a hillside: large structures that capture nature's gifts.

But an increasingly important energy resource is little more than a digital electric meter.

And it is this meter that will make possible the widespread use of electric vehicles, according to representatives of Rosemead-based Southern California Edison.


With seating up of four people who use all the large muscle groups, the car can easily cruise at speeds of up to 20 mph.

ZAP is hoping to keep the MSRP at $30,000 for the Alias three-wheeler pictured here.

Hero Motors Ultra Maxi uses a 250 watt motor to avoid falling into category that would require license fees, road taxes and registration.


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