PHOTO CAPTION: Emax 90S will be sold in Singapore by Zeco.

Pair of E-Max Electric Scooters to be Sold in Singapore

S90 model has range of 45-60 km, while S110 has range of 70-90 km.

Published: 21-Jan-2009

Ever since local distributor of E-Max electric scooters; Zeco Scooters announced that it will offer the E-Max 90S and the E-Max 110S for local consumption, the public at large are expressing their excitement over the zero emissions, fully electric scooter. It is reasonably priced (although some say its a little over priced), extremely cheap to run and maintain, quiet, environmentally friendly and practical, all in one tiny package. It is an effective solution especially in countries such as ours, where 45 to 90 km (which is the riding range of the scooter) is quite a distance, in relation to the size of Singapore.

Pre-orders can be made since January 15th, and the first shipment can be expected by April this year. In fact, test rides can be arranged with Zeco Scooters, which has also launched its first showroom and service centre at 32 Eng Hoon Street. The electric scooter costs only S$ 0.70 per 100 km to run, compared to about S$ 7.00 per 100 km for conventional petrol powered scooters which can result to savings of up to S$ 1,300 a year. Furthermore, maintenance of the electric scooters cost about 85% less than a traditional scooter. The top speed of 90 km/h is adequate especially when the average traffic speed at Central Business District (CBD) at peak hours is rated at 27 km/h.

Not only the E-Max is a smart transportation solution for the public, but also for fleet operators where operational costs can be cut by as much as 85%. Zeco Scooters, although awaiting a final approval from the LTA has received an in-principal approval by the authority which should enable the distributor to receive a final approval anytime now. As for future implementation, Zeco plans to deploy convenient charging stations in prime locations such as the Central Business District (CBD), retail malls and even in the heartland areas of Singapore to ensure that charge spots are conveniently located within 10km of most Singaporeans.


The company is working with a number of vehicle manufacturers on the development of batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles and expects more announcements like this one to come.

With seating up of four people who use all the large muscle groups, the car can easily cruise at speeds of up to 20 mph.

ZAP is hoping to keep the MSRP at $30,000 for the Alias three-wheeler pictured here.


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