PHOTO CAPTION: All five new electric cars developed by Chrysler's ENVI advanced vehicle development team.

Moniker Needed: REEV vs EREV?

GM refers to the Volt as an extended-range electric vehicle, while Chrysler uses range-extended electric vehicle.

Published: 20-Jan-2009

So just what are we going to call these things? General Motors says its Chevrolet Volt is an "extended-range electric vehicle." Chrysler calls it's four-vehicle lineup "range-extended electric vehicles."

One of the smart folks walking around the North American International Auto Show in Detroit perusing the blogs from home surely can come up with a better quick reference name than those.

Americans love fast and easy ways to identify something. Car-based sport utility vehicle is a pretty long term, so someone decided that they sort of "cross over" segments, so why not call them crossovers.


Volt drivetrain 'mule' Chevy Cruze in DC.

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