Honda Insight Hybrid: Mostly Agreeable

USA Today columnist Jim Healey takes new Honda Insight hybrid for test drive and finds it 'not as refined' as Civic Hybrid or Prius.

Published: 19-Jan-2009

CAREFREE, Ariz. — Honda's 2010 Insight gasoline-electric hybrid isn't the substantial, comfortable car that its Civic hybrid is, nor does it deliver the 50 miles per gallon promised by Toyota for its update of chief rival Prius.
But if Honda prices it low enough, Insight finally could make full-fledged hybrid technology available to car buyers with tighter budgets.

Insight goes on sale April 22 — Earth Day, in case you need a reminder of why to save fuel.

Generally, the Insight preproduction test cars driven here proved to be nice machines — mostly agreeable and easily capable of hitting the mileage ratings — with a few annoyances.


It is the first vehicle from GM that combines an ethanol-capable engine with the two-mode hybrid system.

The hybrid-powered GMC Denali XT was produced at GM Holden's design centre at Port Melbourne.

The completed open wheel car which runs on the electric system and backed up by the Yamaha motorcycle engine.


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