PHOTO CAPTION: 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Canadian Driver Tests 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Although the Fusion Hybrid isn't a plug-in, it does recapture 94 percent of the energy lost to braking.

Published: 06-Jan-2009

Dearborn, Michigan – We all know that a rolling stone gathers no moss; still, I was somewhat surprised to see that a rolling Ford can grow some leaves, at least virtually within its dash cluster.

More on that later, but suffice to say that it’s part of the Ford Fusion Hybrid, a 2010 model unveiled late last year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and destined for showrooms early in 2009. I had the opportunity to take a short test-drive on city streets and highways in Ford’s first gasoline-electric sedan.

The entire Fusion line-up is overhauled for 2010, with new (and quite handsome) styling, better-quality interior materials, and most importantly, new and more fuel-efficient engines, six-speed automatic transmissions, and a Sport model with a 3.5-litre V6 under the hood. But the big news is the Fusion Hybrid, which company officials said will be the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan on the market when it reaches showrooms.


The 2009 model will be the first small SUV to use the powerful new hybrid system GM recently unveiled in its large SUVs and pickups.

The newly developed full parallel hybrid system will consist primarily of the battery unit positioned in the luggage compartment, the power electronics, and the hybrid module between the engine and transmission comprising an additional clutch and the electric motor.

The new fuel efficient two seat car has a top speed of 40 km/hr and cost Rs 1.5 lahk (US$3834). Gogoi pictured with two of the many vehicles he's built in his garage.


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