America Playing Catch Up in Battery Manufacturing

Nearly all of the advanced batteries used in cars and trucks are manufactured in Korea and Japan.

Published: 01-Jan-2009

By Rick Haglund

Ford Motor Co.'s new Fusion Hybrid is being touted as a retort to members of Congress who criticized Detroit automakers for lacking innovation and not building vehicles consumers want.

The 2010 Fusion gasoline-electric hybrid, which goes on sale in the spring, will get 41 miles per gallon in city driving, making it the most fuel-efficient midsize car sold in the United States. Its in-city fuel economy beats the Toyota Camry hybrid by 8 mpg.


The battery system was developed by CSIRO in Australia, built by the Furukawa Battery Company of Japan and tested in the United Kingdom through the American-based Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium.

The new batteries will make the GM Hybrid System nearly three times more powerful than the system it replaces. Pictured is 2009 Saturn Vue Green Line with Two-mode hybrid drive.

Dramatic developments in stored-power technology make electric cars more viable than ever. Pictures is Th!nk Global's new Ox crossover vehicle.


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