Will Energy Savings Jump Start America's Economy?

Any Obama stimulus plan could include elements spelled out by Alliance to Save Energy.

Published: 29-Dec-2008

NEW YORK -- It looks like America may be getting a whole lot more energy-efficient as part of any new stimulus package.
But how exactly will that happen? While new light bulbs, insulation and air conditioners may play well with homeowners, will such a plan actually put enough people to work to jump-start the economy?

The energy-saving plan is expected as part of a stimulus package from lawmakers set for early January that could top $800 billion and include everything from tax breaks to road repairs.

Conservation is thought to be the first big energy-component of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama's long-term energy plan, for a couple of reasons.


Transit Connect delivers fuel economy estimated at 19 mpg city and 24 mpg highway.

With the adoption of a hybrid system composed of a hydrogen rotary engine combined with a motor, the output of the new vehicle is improved by 40% and the travel range when driving on hydrogen alone is extended to 200km.

A comparison of the major energy initiatives proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate John McCain


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