PHOTO CAPTION: Sanyo's Eneloop Electric Hybrid Bicycle features regeneration

Sanyo Introduces Eneloop Electric Bicycle

Electric hybrid bicycle offers improved performance of previous model.

Published: 01-Dec-2008

Tokyo - SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) is proud to announce another new eneloop universe product, an electric hybrid bicycle—the eneloop bike. The eneloop bike has been designed to be the industry’s first to conform to the newest standards, offering a “Power-up Mode” assist ratio of up to 1:2 making riding the bicycle more comfortable, a new “loop charge function” that generates electricity and charges the battery while in use, and a “two-wheel drive system” provide a safer, more stable ride. The new eneloop bike will be on sale in Japan in early February 2009.

SANYO, based on its ‘Think GAIA’ brand vision and the eneloop concept stressing ‘looping energy’ or stressing a lifestyle of reusing and recycling, created the ‘eneloop universe’ in 2006. The eneloop bike announced today will become a part of this product series, as it accurately represents both looping energy and consideration for the environment in a reusable system. With this new product, clean and reusable energy is “Generated, Recharged, and Conserved” simultaneously. Energy is generated by the rider, recharging the auxiliary battery, and conserving the energy both from the main battery and the rider.

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