PHOTO CAPTION: QUICC DiVa electric delivery van developed by DuraCar and Wilhelm Karmann

DuraCar, Karmann Firms Remove Wraps From QUICC! DiVa Electric Van

The QUICC! DiVa is powered by lithium ion batteries, the body and chassis of the car are entirely made of plastic.

Published: 03-Oct-2008

The new partnership with DuraCar will step up Wilhelm Karmann GmbH’s activities on the market of electrically powered cars. Automobile manufacturer DuraCar, based in Heerlen, the Netherlands, has specialised in the development and production of environmentally friendly transportation solutions for urban traffic. The first car to be marketed by DuraCar is the QUICC! DiVa (DiVa = distribution van), specifically designed for urban distribution. The well-established German automobile manufacturer Karmann in Osnabrück will manufacture this lightweight distribution van. Firstly and mainly the new partners are aiming at collaboration in the field of production, but it is not considered impossible that both parties will be collaborating in other fields as well.

With this partnership Karmann ensures a further advantage in knowledge in the field of production of innovative mobility concepts designed for intensively urbanised areas. Following the EcoCraft partnership, the DuraCar collaboration will be the second project emphasising electric vehicles. Both projects reflect Karmann’s strategy of an active focus on the segment of lightweight electrically powered distribution vans, creating competitive advantage.

Collaboration with Karmann on the German market marks DuraCar’s first step towards European expansion. With Karmann as its partner, DuraCar will benefit from over a century of experience in automobile manufacturing. Karmann’s level of expertise in this field is very high, as is the quality supplied and the flexibility of its manufacturing skills.

DuraCar will be producing the QUICC! on different locations in the proximity of its markets. DuraCar and manufacturers form abroad, inside as well as outside Europe, are currently discussing this issue.

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