Tricked-Out, Plugged-in Hybrids

Luscious Garage's plulg-in hybrid conversion costs about $7,500.

Published: 01-Oct-2008

SAN FRANCISCO, California (CNN) -- The owner of Luscious Garage is wondering whether the electric wall outlet will be the "gas tank" of the future.

A Toyota Prius hybrid, owned by Luscious Garage, has been converted to run on electricity.

Drivers of gas-sipping hybrid vehicles are increasingly interested in converting their vehicles from gasoline powered to electric, according to garage owner and lead technician Carolyn Coquillette.


The plug-in variant would ditch the concept Up!'s hatchback profile for a more traditional sedan configuration, and offer 100 mpg fuel efficiency.

The CR-Z comes with a new hybrid system developed by Honda whose breakthroughs allowed designers to get around previous packaging restrictions to achieve its lean cutting-edge look.

The ReCharge is able to drive 100 km on battery power alone before the 1,6-litre four-cylinder FlexiFuel engine takes over, powering the car and recharging the battery.


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