PHOTO CAPTION: Honda Numo Hybrid Scooter prototype

Honda Numo Hybrid Scooter to Go On Sale in 2010

Electric-only scooters slated to follow in 2011. Pictured is prototype Numo.

Published: 01-Oct-2008

Bikers aren’t known for their eco-friendly image, but Honda reckons there’s a huge un-tapped market for greener, hybrid bikes.

The motor giant plans to start selling hybrid petrol / electric bikes by 2010, following them with smaller, electric-only bikes by 2011.

It’s an amazing achievement, since previous hybrid engines had been thought to pose too much of an engineering challenge, and be too bulky, for use in motorbikes.


The plug-in variant would ditch the concept Up!'s hatchback profile for a more traditional sedan configuration, and offer 100 mpg fuel efficiency.

The CR-Z comes with a new hybrid system developed by Honda whose breakthroughs allowed designers to get around previous packaging restrictions to achieve its lean cutting-edge look.

The ReCharge is able to drive 100 km on battery power alone before the 1,6-litre four-cylinder FlexiFuel engine takes over, powering the car and recharging the battery.


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