Toyota Prius Makes Jamaican Appearance

While Toyota Jamaica won't give sales price on car, it is estimated is could sell for J$3.1 million, or equivalent to $42,760US.

Published: 30-Sep-2008

Toyota Jamaica is currently testing a Prius. Hybrid technology, while fresh to the local new-car market, has been an easy sell in used-car circles for some time. "The switchboard at T-Jam has been besieged with Prius enquiries since the gas crunch," one staffer said.

Marketing manager Howard Foster is playing his cards close to his chest, refusing to even hint at a roll-out date for their groundbreaking product. He was able to say, however, that it "... has the acceleration of a [new] 2.4 Camry." Hybrids are cars that use both gasolene and electric power in a supplemental fashion, the electric motor used in low-power applications. Toyota's venerable 1500 cc inline four provides additional power when it is needed.

Unique Charging System


The conversion is part of a two-year research project sponsored by the National Rural Cooperative's Research Association's Cooperative Research Network. Photo courtesy of Athens Banner-Herald.

The plug-in variant would ditch the concept Up!'s hatchback profile for a more traditional sedan configuration, and offer 100 mpg fuel efficiency.

The CR-Z comes with a new hybrid system developed by Honda whose breakthroughs allowed designers to get around previous packaging restrictions to achieve its lean cutting-edge look.


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