Baby Boomers Favoring Electric Bikes

Because motorized bicycles generally move faster than a traditional bicycle, some cities aren't sure whether operators should be riding in a bike lane or on a city street.

Published: 30-Sep-2008

Baby Boomers are fueling demand for bicycles with gasoline or electric engines, even though some cities aren't sure whether they should be allowed on the street.

The vehicles, with top speeds of 20 mph, get about 150 miles to the gallon. Kits to retrofit bicycles with engines start at about $200.

Many lifelong riders who started commuting by bike during the last gas crisis in the 1970s say they need the motorized assistance to offset bad backs and aching knees.


E+ Electric Bike

Increasing sales of electric bikes and scooters nationwide is also apparent to River Bicycles owner Ken Adler.

eZee Quando folding electric bicycle sold by NYCEwheels

Tom Dyson talks to Chinese electric bicycle maker and learns some interesting lessons about battery-powered bicycles and investing in China.

Matra Sport electric bicycle is based on technology developed by Wavecrest.

Sales of electric bicycles increased 15% in the first quarter of 2008 compared to same period in 2007.


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