India's Mahindra Planning E4-Seat Electric Car for 2010

In addition to Bangalore-based Reva, Tata Motors has also announced an electric car launch.

Published: 24-Aug-2008

Mahindra has announced to launch its own 4-seater electric car in India by 2010. It first plans to launch the vehicle in India and then cater to the overseas market demands. "We plan to launch the product in the country first and mature in the segment before venturing into foreign markets. We want to be prepared for the market and don’t want to be caught unawares,” said M&M official.

In the world of rising fuel prices, there has been a considerable rise in the demand for fuel efficient vehicles or vehicles with alternative resources. This has made auto makers take notice of the new emerging market in the country. Tata Motors has also announced to launch its own electric vehicle along with car that runs on compressed air. Contrary to M&M plans, it first plans to launch the car in Norway and then bring it subsequently to the Indian market.

Currently, Reva is the only electric vehicle in India but it is a 2-seater car. Mahindra is aiming to develop a 4-seater car based on electricity as its fuel resource. REcan currently sells at Rs. 3.5 lakh in Bangalore and Rs. 2.9 lakh onwards in New Delhi.


Ray Lane, managing partner of venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins, Caufield and Byers, which has invested in Think, believes Think could eventually sell as many as 30,000 to 50,000 City cars a year.

The production electric vehicle to be introduced in 2010 will have a unique bodystyle and is not based on any existing Nissan model, unlike the technology 'mule' pictured above.

The 100-mile range electric car has been operating with Japanese power companies for the last two years.


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