First Chinese Electric Car Passes Important Crash Test

Pure Electric Vehicle of China successfully finished the most strictly IIHS 40% frontal offset impact test around the world.

Published: 17-Aug-2008

Eleven past eighteen on 18th June, 2008 was an engraved point, the High-Speed Pure Electric Vehicle which was joint developed by two company of China, Tianjin Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Co.,Ltd and Hafei Motor Group Co.,Ltd successfully finished the IIHS 40% frontal offset impact test in laboratory of China National Quality Control & Inspection Center for Automobiles. This is the first time that chinese Independent Brand vehicle successfully finished this test, and also this is the first pure electric vehicle which mounted lithium ion traction batteries successfully finished this test. The test speed reached to 64.5 km/h which outclass the test speed of C-NCAP.

After evaluation, the head injury criterion, chest acceleration, chest spine compression amount, tibia & thighbone displacement and all the other injury indexs are lower than standard limited values. The insulation safety coefficient of the high voltage system is 1000 times higher than International standard lowest value. Battery packs, motor, suspension system and other key vehicle assemblies did not damaged, the controller, battery management system and other core control system can still be in normal operation. The perfect performance of this vehicle in this test marks that chinese independent developed pure electric vehicle reached a brand new height on the safety performance.

Along with the continuously development of Chinese automobile industry, the casualties and property loss due to the traffic accidents become increasingly severe. Especially in China, the problem of casualties due to traffic accident is especially outstanding. In 2007, there were totally 327 thousand cases traffic accidents around our country, led to 82 thousands people died and the direct property loss reached 120 million Yuan. Our country is gradually entering into automobile society, traffic accidents present a burst growth momentum. If we can not stifle this trend from every aspects that it is difficult to guarantee the people¡¯s life and property safety, also will threaten the economic sustainable development. Although there are lots of reasons cause to this result but the low whole vehicle impact safety performance is the most important reason.

Along with the implementation of National 863 Program of China special project on electric vehicle, the development dynamics on the pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and other new energy environmental protection vehicles in our country is enhancing, the new energy vehicle technical platform which we owned the Independent Intellectual Property was established gradually, is realizing the technical docking with the traditional vehicles through the whole vehicle integration technology, and extending to industrialization step by step. Vehicles are consumptions facing to the peoples; the safety requirement is the realistic issues that the manufactures from home to abroad. Also, one of the most important characters of electric vehicle is that the high voltage power circuits were mounted in the vehicle which series or parallel connected by tens even hundreds of battery cells. The voltage of the energy saving system is much higher than the safe voltage. So compared with the traditional vehicles, there should be much higher requirements on the impact safety performance of the E cars.

Tianjin Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Co.,Ltd supported under Chinese national 863 program EV special project, combined with Hafei Motor Group Co.,Ltd., target at technology innovation and industrialization especially in view of the need of American market, make a comprehensive and system planning and design on Saibao High-Speed Electric vehicle. Concerning the safety protection performance, Saibao developed the advanced air bag, renewed matching the ABS¡¢EBD and other safety equipments. Qingyuan make an elaborative design on whole vehicle¡¯s structure and the key assembly¡¯s structure, also make a system programming on the protections of high voltage components, the control system can make real time monitor, failure diagnosis and ignore the out of date strategy and the safety protection functions on all the lines of EV¡¯s high voltage power chains. All the above mentioned concernments will ensure the vehicle safety and reliability, which make his vehicles made such an excellent performance in this impact test under such strictly standard of IIHS.

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