First Tesla Roadster Crashes... Quietly

This is the fourth Tesla roadster to be damaged; two were deliberately sacrificed for tests, but car number six was an accident, just after being delivered to the owner.

Published: 02-Aug-2008

Just hours after taking delivery of his brand new electric supercar, the unnamed owner of Tesla #6 has found himself back at the Menlo Park dealership awaiting news from his insurance company. Dane Golden reports that his friend Alex Volkov stumbled upon the first crash of a privately owned Tesla. At 6PM on Friday afternoon, the Jet Black beauty found itself unceremoniously wedged in front of an early ‘90s Camry and beneath a 2000s C-Class at the corner of Geary Boulevard and Gough Street in San Francisco.

Volkov, who came upon the carbon fiber carbon-friendly wreck ten minutes after it occurred, told that the crash scene was sedate with only one police car blocking traffic. “No action, no drama -- everyone was very mellow,” Volkov said. “Nobody was blaming anybody. The people involved in the crash were just giving their testimony for police officers.” Volkov and bloggers speculated that the car was being driven by a Tesla engineer since it had no license plates. However, Darryl Siry, Tesla’s Vice President of Marketing, told that #6 (shown here in happier times) had been delivered to a customer’s home shortly before the accident. “It was a Tesla customer who got into that accident. We're aware of it because we service our vehicles,” he said, though he declined to name the customer (who he did identify as male) so as to protect his identity.

Autopia is working on obtaining an official copy of the police report from the San Francisco Police Department. Until then, we’ll bring you some good old-fashioned he-said, she-said and post-crash photos.


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