Low -Speed EVs Finding California Niche

Electric golf carts becoming

Published: 29-Nov-2000

Long popular in areas with limited parking or restrictions on autos--think Catalina Island--golf carts are becoming a familiar sight on the streets of California, especially in resort communities.

Under U.S. motor vehicle safety standards adopted by California in 1998, the carts can be used on public streets with speed limits of 25 mph or less. Some leisure-oriented communities even designate "cart lanes" on public streets. Inevitably, golf cart showrooms are springing up.

On the immaculate 8,500-square-foot sales floor of Electric Car Distributors in Rancho Mirage, right next to the Jaguar dealership, you'll find cool haven from the heat of the desert. There, the luxury-auto buying experience has been re-created in miniature.



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