A 'GEM' of a Police Car

With diesel costing £6.50 per gallon, the same spent on electricity will run the fibre-glass car for 450 miles.

Published: 29-Jul-2008

With a 28mph top speed, it is unlikely to be catching any criminals.

However, this electric police car can do 50 miles without being charged and could be the face of the future for community support officers.

Britain's latest police car may look like a golf buggy, but it is capable of doing 450 miles per gallon.


Powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries and two 67bhp (50kW) electric motors to drive the front and rear axles, the Mixim is a four-wheel-drive car with a theoretical top speed of 112mph and a potential maximum range of 156 miles.

Dodge ZEO is 2+2 electric muscle car for the 21st century powered by 200kW electric drive with 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds and range of 250 miles.

The Air Car may do better than fuel-cell cars, but experts say that using grid power to charge a battery-powered electric vehicle is much more efficient than using electricity to compress and store the same amount of energy in a tank.


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