CSU Students Design Snowmobile That Cuts Emissions 99%

New design also cuts fuel consumption 35 percent.

Published: 21-Mar-2002

FORT COLLINS, Colo., March 20 -- A typical snowmobile can produce as much air pollution as 100 cars. However, Colorado State University engineering students have designed a snowmobile that decreases pollution by more than 99 percent, cuts fuel consumption 35 percent, reduces noise to conversational levels and matches the power of today's top-performing commercial machines. The engine design has the potential to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of snowmobiling and decrease pollution in developing countries.

"Our design should appeal to the environmentalist and the snowmobiler," said Jessica Rupp, one of the student engineers. "This snowmobile demonstrates a phenomenal reduction in environmental impact while improving overall performance."

The Colorado State student team has been selected to compete against 16 other schools in the Third Annual Clean Snowmobile Challenge March 23-30 in Jackson Hole, Wyo. The international competition challenges teams to design, build and operate snowmobiles that reduce emissions and noise while matching or improving the performance of machines sold on the market.



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