Singapore Transit Looking At Electric Bicycle Kiosks

Customers would rent electric bikes to ride to train stations where they would be recharged.

Published: 29-Nov-2000

THE SMRT is considering a proposal by a company to set up kiosks at train stations where commuters can lease, park and charge electric bicycles. Under the park-and-go plan, cyclists will pay less than $50 a month to lease a battery-powered bicycle, which they can ride to an MRT station and leave behind to be recharged once they have boarded their train. The proposal was made by electric - bicycle distributor,an Hock Hin, with Tampines or Pasir Ris stations the first to be involved if the go-ahead is given.

Its executive director Richard Tan told The Straits Times: 'These are the two estates where there is a large number of cyclists. 'If our plan picks up in these two areas, we will look into extending the project to other estates as well.' Ban Hock Hin made the proposal to the SMRT to lease space for the kiosks earlier this year. An SMRT official, who declined to be named, said SMRT is reviewing the feasibility of the project. The electric bike is gaining a small following here, with more than 700 sold so far. A typical electric bicycle can travel at a maximum speed of 24 kpm.



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