Update on Clean Air Solution for China

Canadian firm demonstrates pollution control equipment on 100 vehicles in China.

Published: 29-Nov-2000

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, Nov. 28 -/E-Wire-- Golden Fortune Investments Ltd. (CDNX:GFX - news) is pleased to announce that management and technical teams from Golden Fortune recently spent the entire month of October demonstrating the Petro-Oxy 2000(TM) auto emission reduction and fuel saving device to local and regional environment ministry officials in six Chinese provinces and Taiwan.

The demonstrations had two objectives: to increase awareness of Petro-Oxy 2000(TM), and to gain local regulatory approval.

During the demonstrations, the team installed Petro-Oxy 2000(TM) units in more than 100 gasoline and diesel burning cars, buses, and motorcycles, as well as power generators. The vehicles were of both Chinese and foreign origin.

We were happy to confirm that Petro-Oxy 2000(TM) works well in the field, even when installed on motorcycles and power generators," observed James Tong, president of Golden Fortune Investments. "We are pleased with the way that Golden Fortune's Clean Air Project has developed thus far." Furthermore, results from diesel truck tests in Taiwan will help the company expand into another multi-million dollar product market.

Additionally, Golden Fortune has secured the production capacity of a Chinese manufacturing plant capable of producing up to 500,000 units of Petro-Oxy 2000(TM) per year. "Golden Fortune is now in a position to mass-produce the Petro-Oxy2000(TM) device in many of the more populous cities in China by early 2001," explained Tong.

The Clean Air Project is Golden Fortune's attempt to supply China with technology-based solutions that satisfy the Chinese government's new environmental regulations. These regulations state that all vehicles must have improved air emission controls. The regulations have created demand for a new, cost effective technology capable of reducing gas and diesel emissions.

Petro-Oxy 2000(TM) is an important component of the Clean Air Project. An environmentally friendly auto emission reduction and fuel saving device, Petro-Oxy2000(TM) is a North American technology.

Golden Fortune Investments Limited is a diversified company with interests in technology licensing agreements and other investment holdings. The company's primary objective is to become a provider of next generation technology solutions for China.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

James Tong,
Golden Fortune Investments Limited

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