VW to Unveil Super-Efficient Two-Seater

New two seater from VW could get 250 miles per gallon of diesel fuel.

Published: 15-Mar-2002

Volkswagen has confirmed a press report that Volkswagen CEO, Ferdinand Piëch will personallypresent unveil the prototype of a new one liter vehicle on April 16th for the general meeting in Hamburg.

Last year Piëch had a new luxury VW Phaeton driven up for the annual press conference.

The Berliner Zeitung speculated in its Wednesday edition the ultra efficient tandem, two-seater will cost about 20,000 euros. Its body is constructed out of super-light and strong carbon-fiber. The entire car is estimated to weigh just 500 kilograms. Fuel consumption in the diesel-powered vehicle is estimated at just 0.99 liters fuel per 100 kilometers. (Approx. 250mi/gallon US).

[Photo is year-old concept drawing].

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