Kerry & McCain Pledge to Continue Fuel Efficiency Fight

Official statement from Senator Kerry's office.

Published: 16-Mar-2002

Washington, DC — Senator John F. Kerry (D-MA) issued the following statement in response to the defeat today in the US Senate of legislation that would have raised fuel efficiency standards, cut pollution and help reduce foreign oil.

Senator Kerry said: "This is a disappointing day for everyone who is serious about reducing America's dependence on foreign oil and delivering real energy security for Americans. Today, the big money and the special interests prevailed in their fight to stop us from increasing fuel efficiency and doing it in a way that makes sense for our workers, our consumers, and our environment.The industry launched a massive campaign against reasonable fuel efficiency standards and through lobbying and advertisements they scared citizens and Congress with grossly exaggerated claims aimed at buying stalemate and inaction.

"Few industries can match the auto companies when it comes to fighting to kill even modest energy, consumer, environmental and safety protections -- but let me tell you, anyone who knows John McCain and I knows that we're not about to surrender to the power of special interest pressure. This fight has only begun and it won't end until we have taken real steps to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil.

"Next time the auto industry recycles their sham arguments and attacks John McCain and I, we'll tell them why as veterans we feel so strongly about avoiding millions of barrels of foreign oil through greater fuel efficiency: Because no foreign government can embargo them, no terrorist can seize control of them, and no American son or daughter will have to risk his or her life to protect them. The day will come when that inescapable truth is enough to overcome the industry's special interest clout - and when it does more and more Americans, tired of the same old talk from Washington lobbyists, will help us mount a campaign that even the mightiest lobbyists can't stop."

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