Esarati Joins Forces With Mohawk Marketing

Minolta subsidiary to market Esarati electric motorbikes to US military base exchanges or BX's.

Published: 28-Nov-2000

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 28, 2000--Bellevue-Wash.-based Esarati Electric Technologies Corporation (OTC:EETC) makers of the world's most technologically advanced and affordable line of electric motorbikes announced today the appointment of Mohawk Marketing Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Minolta Corporation, as their exclusive military sales rep agency.

Several of the key accounts Mohawk Marketing will be responsible for include AAFES, NEXCOM, and the Marine Corps Exchanges worldwide. AAFES, also known as the Army Air Force Exchange Service consists of over 140 BX's or base exchanges which last year sold $6.7 billion at retail. NEXCOM, best known for their Navy Exchange Retail Stores, has over 40 locations, with sales of $2.1 billion in 1999. The Marine Corps Exchanges have 15 retail stores with sales of $630 million last year. There are 1.4 million Active-duty Personnel in the military. In addition, there are 1.9 million military dependents, 860,000 national guard and reservists, and 1.8 million retired military personnel who are eligible to shop in military exchanges.

Esarati's new line of electric motorbikes features three models: the Esarati 200 Firefly, a one-passenger model with a top speed of 33 mph; the Esarati 300, a two-adult passenger model with a top speed of 50 mph; and the Esarati 400 Blackhawk, also a two-adult passenger model, with a top speed of 60 mph. All the bikes can travel up to 50 miles or more on a single charge. With an auxiliary power pack they can achieve an extended range of up to 100 miles or more.

"What sets Esarati apart from the electric bikes and scooters out there is the unique design based on an exceptionally efficient conversion of battery power to driving power. Quick acceleration, extended range, enhanced horsepower, low maintenance and sleek, cutting-edge styling make the Esarati bikes a pleasure to drive," said George Ninkovich, Chairman and CEO of Esarati Technologies. "The Esarati all electric, no pollution vehicle leads the way for electric transportation of the future."

"Mohawk Marketing's Sales Reps are specialists when it comes to doing business with the military," said Cory Belkov, Director New Account Development at Mohawk. Some of the manufacturers Mohawk Marketing represents for the military include Sony, PlayStation, Minolta, Dunlop Maxfli Sports, and several other leading suppliers to AAFES, NEXCOM, and the Marine Corps Exchanges.

In addition to the military resale market, Mohawk Marketing will also be responsible for Esarati sales to MWR (morale, welfare,and recreation), military base police, and other departments located on military bases.

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