30,000 Durango HEVs To Be Built Yearly Starting 2003

Durango Sport SUV with gasoline-electric drive to be 20% more fuel efficient but cost an additional $3,000 to produce.

Published: 27-Nov-2000

Nov 23, 2000 - The Des Moines Register DaimlerChrysler will begin making a gas-electric hybrid Durangosport utility vehicle at its Newark, Del., plant starting in 2003.

Company officials said it will be about 20 percent more fuel- efficient than a traditional Durango -and cost about $3,000 more toproduce.

To make the hybrid more competitive in the marketplace, company officials are pushing Congress to give buyers of any hybrid vehicle a $3,000 federal tax credit. Buyers of cars that are entirely electric-powered already get a $4,000 tax credit.



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