EVI Announces Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Breakthrough

New electrode shows significant improvements in both power and efficiency.

Published: 25-Feb-2002

Energy Visions Inc. ("EVI") (EVI.S/CDNX and OTCBB: EGYV) Fuel Cell Division recently achieved a major breakthrough in its Direct Methanol Fuel Cell ("DMFC") program. Experiments with a new electrode design developed in conjunction with Dr. Karl Kordesch at the University of Graz, Austria, show significant improvements in both power and efficiency.

"The new electrode, when used in the advanced configuration of EVI's proprietary flowing electrolyte DMFC design, has produced a fuel cell that operates at a higher voltage than PEM-based DMFC's and has several times the power density than our earlier prototypes. We plan to embed this new electrode design in the prototype stack that we expect to demonstrate in March 2002 for the Military. We believe this breakthrough places us in the forefront with the very best PEM-based DMFC designs - and with significant headroom for improvement in both performance and cost", says Dr. Douglas James, General Manager of EVI's Fuel Cell Division.

The DMFC program is a joint venture between Energy Visions Inc. and the Alberta Research Council, Inc. and is based in Calgary, Canada.

EVI also wishes to announce that it has completed it's start-up cycling tests of its pilot production line for the manufacture of its proprietary Nickel Zinc Rechargeable Battery System. As EVI nears its intended Nickel Zinc product launch, several battery manufacturers and battery pack producers seeking product samples for evaluation purposes have approached the company. "The multi-billion dollar market for rechargeable batteries is continuing to grow, and we remain confident that our Nickel Zinc product offering will be able to win market share in the near future." says David J. Trudel, COO and President of EVI's Battery Division.

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