Japanese Toymaker To Begin Taking EV Orders

Electric vehicle can travel up to 60 kmh (37 mph) and will go on sale in July or August with a price tag of around one million yen ($7,457). It aims to sell 1,000 in the first year.

Published: 25-Feb-2002

TOKYO, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Japan's third-largest toymaker, Takara Co Ltd, won't limit itself to making toys just for children, President Keita Sato said on Monday.

Takara, whose popular miniature toy car the "Choro Q" has long won the hearts of Japanese children, is hoping that a real, single-seater electric car it unveiled last month will ensure that it is not just known for kids' toys.

The toymaker, which is set to post a record group net profit for the current year ending March 31, has already had some success in developing entertainment products for adults, including karaoke systems for the home, remote-controlled cars targeted at young men, and robots that can open beer cans.



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