EPA Launches Volantary GHG Initiative

Eleven companies join the effort to find ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Published: 21-Feb-2002

WASHINGTON, DC, February 20, 2002 (ENS) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched a new program, Climate Leaders, to encourage voluntary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

EPA Administrator Christie Whitman unveiled the program today as part of the Bush administration's new climate policy, which was announced last week. The Bush policy aims to cut the nation's so called greenhouse gas intensity - defined as how much greenhouse gas the country emits per unit of economic activity.

"When President Bush committed the United States to reducing - voluntarily - our greenhouse gas intensity by 18 percent over the next decade, he knew that it would take a heavy reliance on partnerships to achieve our goal," said Whitman. "The new Climate Leaders program is exactly what he had in mind - and I am pleased to be able to announce this voluntary partnership between government and industry today."



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