Fisker's $80K Plug-In Hybrid to Be Made in Detroit?

Autopia blog speculates where Fisker will build its plug-in hybrid and whose battery technology it is likely to use.

Published: 30-Jan-2008

Fisker Automotive, flush with cash from one of the biggest names in venture capital, may build its $80,000 plug-in hybrid in Detroit and use lithium-ion batteries made in British Columbia.

Vic Doolan, the company's director of retail development, says Fisker is considering the Motor City because of its experienced workforce, idle manufacturing capacity and broad network of suppliers. "It does make a lot of sense" to build the Fisker Karma in Michigan, he told the Detroit Free Press.

Fisker unveiled the car at the International North American Auto Show in Detroit, where Henrik Fisker told us he plans to outsource drivetrain development and vehicle construction. The way he sees it, there's no need to invest in a factory or a workforce when both are readily, and relatively cheaply, available. He's got a deal with Quantum Technologies to develop the drivetrain, but they're going to need someone to build the car.


Priced at $24,400 MSPR, the Altima Hybrid has been certified by the Internal Revenue Service as meeting the requirements for the Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit, thereby qualifying for a tax credit of $2,350.

The Small Hybrid Sports Concept is a sports car that features advanced hybrid technology - proving stylish design and driving enjoyment can be combined with low environmental impact. It was designed by Honda R and D Europe, based in Offenbach, Germany.

A UK government challenge to produce a medium/small vehicle with CO2 emissions of less than 100 g/km has seen engineering company Ricardo team up with PSA Peugeot Citroen and UK research group QinetiQ to develop an innovative diesel full-hybrid.


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