Five Fuel Cell Bus Projects in Development at CALSTART

Program with Federal Transit Administration Pushes Fuel Cell Technology Toward Faster Commercialization in Transit Applications

Published: 30-Jan-2008

Pasadena, Calif. – CALSTART, North America’s leading advanced transportation technology organization, has secured and launched contracts for five major fuel cell bus technology development projects with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), an important part of CALSTART’s overall hydrogen pathways strategy.

The newest $24-million effort involves multiple fuel cell and drive system leaders, three transit districts and three major bus makers. It drives forward a focused, multi-year strategy to speed key improvements in fuel cell reliability, system design and component design. The goal is more affordable, higher performance fuel cell systems becoming available for transit bus and other uses. The FTA is providing $12-million in funding; the private companies involved provide the balance.

“CALSTART and its project teams are part of a comprehensive National Fuel Cell Bus Technology Program to help knock down the barriers to commercial use of clean fuel cell technology in transit over the next several years,” said FTA Administrator James Simpson. “This partnership with the leaders in the transit industry will spur – and speed – innovation.”

CALSTART’s strategy to rapidly advance fuel cell technology utilizes three parallel development paths: a direct route that develops and accelerates testing on the best existing fuel cells; an evolutionary route that combines smaller fuel cells with other supporting technologies; and a component route that develops the core enabling sub-systems fuel cells will need to succeed. The five projects include:

“These projects are integral parts of our multi-path roadmap to more quickly improve hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and move them to the market,” said John Boesel, President and CEO of WestStart-CALSTART. “They support our overall suite of fuel cell and hydrogen efforts, including separate projects with a high-lifetime fuel cell system. Given California’s first-mover need for cleaner, lower carbon transportation, the state is the ideal epicenter for these efforts.”

About WestStart-CALSTART
WestStart-CALSTART is North America’s leading advanced transportation technologies consortium. It is a participant-supported, non-profit organization of approximately 155 firms and organizations worldwide, dedicated to expanding and supporting a high-tech transportation industry that cleans the air, creates jobs, reduces global warming emissions and improves energy efficiency. WestStart serves as a strategic broker to spur advanced transportation technologies, systems and the companies that make them. Its California operating division does business as CALSTART. Visit for more information.

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The system operates from the Calor Gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or propane that is already on board for cooking. The system will fit comfortably in an aft locker, normally used for a conventional generator.

The Cadillac Provoq fuel cell concept uses GM's E-Flex propulsion system, combining the new fifth-generation fuel cell system and a lithium-ion battery to produce an electrically driven vehicle that uses no petroleum and has no emission other than water.

Powered by a 100 kW electric engine and fuel cell stack, the i-Blue is capable of running more than 370 miles per refueling and achieves a maximum speed of more than 100 miles per hour.


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