Navajos Group Offers Renewable Energy Alternatives to Coal Power Plant

Dine Citizens Against Ruining our Environment issued 160 page report showing how renewable-energy projects would compare to Desert Rock coal plant.

Published: 29-Jan-2008

A group of Navajos released a report Friday that spells out a host of renewable-energy alternatives to a controversial coal-fired power plant proposed for the nation's largest Indian reservation.

The Navajo Nation's Dine Power Authority and Houston's Sithe Global Power have teamed up to build the $3 billion Desert Rock plant on tribal land in northwestern New Mexico. The plant would be capable of producing electricity for up to 1.5 million homes in cities across the Southwest.

But Dine Citizens Against Ruining our Environment said that in light of growing concern over greenhouse gases and global warming, the electricity should instead come from a mix of solar, wind and natural gas.


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