Future Cars Get Plugged In to Rev Up

The car of the near future will be smaller, quieter, cleaner but not necessarily slower.

Published: 27-Jan-2008

Chances are that this long weekend finds you tooling - maybe slowly - down the highway to beach or bach, trying to reconnect with that relaxed Christmas holiday feeling.

Take a look at what you're driving, because the car of the not-too-distant future is likely to be markedly different. You may even be powering it up for your weekend away by plugging it into the power socket in your house.

Driven by fuel efficiency legislation, the cost of fuel and a need to be kinder to the planet, carmakers are looking to downsize and green-up their products.


The scooters top out at a 25mph speed, although the ones on loan to the Sheriff's Department are calibrated to travel no faster than 18mph.

Powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries and two 67bhp (50kW) electric motors to drive the front and rear axles, the Mixim is a four-wheel-drive car with a theoretical top speed of 112mph and a potential maximum range of 156 miles.

Dodge ZEO is 2+2 electric muscle car for the 21st century powered by 200kW electric drive with 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds and range of 250 miles.


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