Nanosolar's $1 a Watt PV Cheaper Than Coal

Nanosolar thin-film technology delivers five times the current of any other thin-film panel, the company asserts, producing energy at one-third the cost of coal.

Published: 26-Jan-2008

Nanosolar, a firm with facilities in San Jose and Berlin, Germany, has shipped solar power panel that promise electricity at less than a dollar a watt.

That pricepoint puts solar power at a third the cost of conventional coal plants. Their core product, the Nanosolar Utility Panel, puts big-scale economics where utilities have to pay attention.

• the world’s first printed thin-film solar cell in a commercial panel product;

• the world’s first thin-film solar cell with a low-cost back-contact capability;

• the world’s lowest-cost solar panel – which we believe will make us the first solar manufacturer capable of profitably selling solar panels at as little as $.99/Watt;

• the world’s highest-current thin-film solar panel – delivering five times the current of any other thin-film panel on the market today and thus simplifying system deployment;

• an intensely systems-optimized product with the lowest balance-of-system cost of any thin-film panel – due to innovations in design we have included.

Today we are announcing that we have begun shipping panels for freefield deployment in Eastern Germany and that the first Megawatt of our panels will go into a power plant installation there.

As far as the first three of our commercial panels are concerned:

Panel #1 will remain at Nanosolar for exhibit.

Panel #2 can be purchased by you in an auction on eBay starting today.

Panel #3 has been donated to the Tech Museum in San Jose.

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