International Automakers Support Common Fuel Efficiency Standard

Any approach that would require unique vehicle engineering for Canada would add unnecessary cost and potentially decrease vehicle choice for Canadians

Published: 23-Jan-2008

TORONTO, Jan. 22 /CNW/ - David C. Adams, president of the association representing international automobile manufacturers in Canada today outlined the association's broad support for a North American fuel efficiency standard.

"Each of our thirteen member companies support what we understand Minister Cannon committed to last week - that being, working with the United States to develop an environmentally ambitious and fully harmonized dominant North American fuel efficiency standard for cars and light-duty trucks," said Adams. "As the leaders in the integration of hybrid, diesel and other advanced environmental technologies into vehicles, our members endorse a North American approach to fuel economy/consumption regulation so that these and other advanced technologies can be incorporated into the total North American fleet at the lowest possible cost," he noted. "Any approach that would require unique vehicle engineering for Canada would add unnecessary cost and potentially decrease vehicle choice for Canadians," added Adams.

"Although all 19 million light duty vehicles on the road contribute only 13% of Canada's total GHG emissions, not the 25% suggested by some recent reports, the auto industry believes that just as we led all industries in combating air pollution, we have a leadership role to play in addressing GHG emissions and climate change," said Adams. "That leadership role began in 2005 with our industry's commitment to reduce GHG emissions by 5.3 million tonnes by 2010."

Mr. Adams emphasized that the quality of available fuels; gasoline, diesel and renewable fuels needs to be improved and regulated in conjunction with efforts to establish new fuel consumption standards. "The technology of the vehicle can only be optimized with appropriate quality fuels" and "If we want to get serious about reducing GHG emissions and help engines burn fuel more efficiently, we need to improve the quality of the available fuel."

The Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada is the national industry association representing the interests of thirteen member companies engaged in the manufacture, importation, distribution and servicing of light duty vehicles in Canada. AIAMC membership includes BMW Canada Inc., Honda Canada Inc., Hyundai Auto Canada Corp., Kia Canada Inc., Mazda Canada Inc., Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc., Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc., Nissan Canada Inc., Porsche Cars Canada Ltd., Subaru Canada, Inc., Suzuki Canada Inc., Toyota Canada Inc., and Volkswagen Group Canada Inc.

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