Plug-In Prius Demonstrates Battery of Positive Points

USA Today automotive columnist James Healey takes Toyota's plug-in Prius prototype for a drive and shares his impressions, finding the technology 'very promising', but wondering how soon and how much?

Published: 20-Jan-2008

Seventy-one miles per gallon.

That's what the trip computer read after a 4-mile loop through downtown and a short freeway blast in a prototype of the Toyota (TM) Prius plug-in hybrid.

Skip the freeway run, go lighter on the throttle downtown and the reading could have been infinite, because the car would have stayed entirely on battery power, never tapping its gasoline engine for help.


The Edge crossover concept vehicle could go the first 25 or 30 miles each day on energy from the power grid.

Priced at $24,400 MSPR, the Altima Hybrid has been certified by the Internal Revenue Service as meeting the requirements for the Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit, thereby qualifying for a tax credit of $2,350.

The Small Hybrid Sports Concept is a sports car that features advanced hybrid technology - proving stylish design and driving enjoyment can be combined with low environmental impact. It was designed by Honda R and D Europe, based in Offenbach, Germany.


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