Resurrecting the Electric Car

Over a dozen startups around the world are currently working on EVs.

Published: 19-Jan-2008

Detroit tried to kill EVs, but they’re back. Is Victoria ready?

From a distance, the little blue hatchback in the corner looks like a Toyota Yaris, Honda Civic or any other sleek compact built by big automakers. But step closer and the details suggest it’s a different machine indeed.

Where the gear shift would be, there’s just a switch: forward, neutral, reverse. Open the lid to the gas tank, and where the fuel nozzle would go, there’s a household electrical socket. And there’s no tailpipe.


The PAS series, which includes six different bikes, will have its official launch next month in Japan. Prices will start at US$800 to US$990.

The bikes will make their debut appearance in Ed's new comedy TV show, 'Living with Ed' which broadcasts Sundays at 10pm ET/PT on HGTV.

The scooters top out at a 25mph speed, although the ones on loan to the Sheriff's Department are calibrated to travel no faster than 18mph.


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