Battery Beach Burn Out to Demonstrate Electric Car Muscle

The Florida Electric Auto Association will be hosting the 3rd Annual 'Battery Beach Burnout', an alternative fuel / electric vehicle competition, in Miami, FL at Countyline Dragway January 25th and 26th.

Published: 17-Jan-2008

The Florida Electric Auto Association (FLEAA), in conjunction with Vectrix and AC Propulsion, will be hosting the 3rd Annual "Battery Beach Burnout", an alternative fuel / electric vehicle competition, in Miami, FL at Countyline Dragway January 25th and 26th. The free event consists of multiple competitions involving electric vehicles (EV), including a drag race, auto-cross, scooter-cross and a show-n-shine event.

As the premier annual electric vehicle event in the Southeast, the purpose of Battery Beach Burnout is to raise public and media awareness of the current state of electric vehicles and to educate people about 'green' alternative fuel vehicles. The event showcases and promotes alternative energy technologies to power vehicles of the future to solve our transportation energy and air quality problems.

The drag race will be Friday evening from 7pm to 1AM, and the EV autocross, Scooter-cross and Show 'n Shine will be Saturday from 9am to 4pm at Countyline Dragway. Saturday, visitors will be able to ride in several of the cars on display in a ride and drive area. Visitors will also be able to participate and vote for their favorite car in the Show 'n Shine competition.

On display and competing in the events will be the Milwaukee Tool V28 Electric 1962 Chevy, featured on the show "Monster Garage", the SCCA FL Region champion electric ProEV Subaru Impreza, Miramar High School's electric Porsche 944, Patterson Cycles' custom electric motorcycles and an AC Propulsion eBox, Vectrix electric motorcycle as well as many more. Florida Institute of Technology will also have their award winning Racing electric vehicle competing and on display.

In conjunction with Battery Beach Burnout, the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego will be holding its own EV drag racing & autocross competition, Electric Dragin', at Barona Drag Strip in San Diego on the same weekend. There will be a joint east-coast/west-coast media link-up and simulcast for parts of the dual events.

The Florida Electric Auto Association is a Florida-based not-for-profit organization that promotes the advancement and widespread adoption of Electric Vehicles.

For information on AC Propulsion, visit
For information on Vectrix, visit

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