JCS Battery to Power Chery Hybrid Car

The first phase of the joint venture between Johnson Controls and Saft will involve the Ni-MH cells being manufactured in France, development work carried out in the United States and the battery integration to take place in China.

Published: 16-Jan-2008

DETROIT -- Energy-conscious consumers in China will have a new hybrid option when Chery Automobile launches its new A5 ISG sedan in the latter half of 2008. Combining the advantages of fuel and electric vehicles, the new car is low in emission and fuel-consumption together with high performance. The new car will be powered by a hybrid battery system developed by Johnson Controls-Saft Advanced Power Solutions.

Chery Automobile, a major Chinese auto manufacturer, has chosen nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries from Johnson Controls-Saft for its latest vehicle. The joint venture between Johnson Controls and Saft will draw on its considerable presence worldwide for this contract. In the first phase the Ni-MH cells will be manufactured in France, development work will be carried out in the United States and the battery integration will take place in China.

"As car sales continue to significantly increase in China, Johnson Controls-Saft is committed to partnering with automakers to develop fuel-efficient vehicles for consumers who want -- and need -- to make purchasing decisions that are good for the environment," said Mary Ann Wright, who leads the Johnson Controls-Saft joint venture and is vice president and general manager of Johnson Controls' hybrid battery business.

According to Wright, the company is developing, manufacturing and integrating advanced hybrid battery systems to provide consumers with smaller and lighter batteries, which are also more powerful, durable, safe and affordable.

"With world-class engineering centers in the United States, Europe and China, we have the technical capability to partner with our customers as consumers around the world increasingly demand energy-efficient, high performance vehicles," Wright said.

In addition to its engineering center and manufacturing facility in Shanghai, Johnson Controls-Saft will also work with local engineering firms in China. According to Wright, the joint collaboration in engineering will allow experienced Johnson Controls-Saft engineers to work hand-in-hand with some of China's best young talent in the automotive industry.

"This is as much about the successful launch and ability to commercially manufacture this vehicle as it is about the development of an effective engineering team with the technical capabilities to support China's fast growing future needs in the hybrid automotive market," she said.

Johnson Controls-Saft is a joint venture that has brought together Johnson Controls -- the world's leading supplier of automotive batteries and a company deeply experienced in integrated automotive systems solutions -- with Saft, an advanced energy storage solutions provider with extensive advanced energy storage solutions expertise.

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