Dhaka Urged to Consider Greener, More Pro-People Transport Alternatives

Roundtable speakers praised the government for its support for a metro system, but urged that less costly options be considered first, including trams and bus rapid transit.

Published: 13-Jan-2008

Transport experts and environmentalists at a roundtable in the city urged the Government to provide adequate facilities for pedestrians including improving conditions of footpaths and earmarking frequent street-level crossings.

They also urged the Government to improve conditions of public transit and fuel-free transport like bicycles and rickshaws and to introduce separate bus lanes and other priority measures for existing public transit.

Introducing a knowledge-based and participatory transport planning process involving all stakeholders including the most deprived section of the society could help to strengthen Strategic Transport Plan (STP) and a positive transport plan for Dhaka city.


Mass transit service in Pensacola began in 1884 with the Pensacola Street Car Co. Citizens rode on mule-drawn cars. Next came electric trolleys. By 1918, Pensacola had 45 trolley cars and 21 miles of track.


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