California Officials Try to Save Hydrogen Highway

Six energy companies had jointly operated the station - which is dedicated to hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles under development by companies in the partnership - but the lease lapsed Dec. 31 and no new agreement has been reached.

Published: 12-Jan-2008

SACRAMENTO - California Air Resources Board officials met with more than a dozen energy companies and automakers Thursday to shore up wavering support for the governor's proposed hydrogen highway - a network of fueling stations to allow motorists use non-polluting fuel-cell-powered vehicles.

Energy companies agreed Thursday to provide money and staff time needed to reopen a critical hydrogen station at the California Fuel Cell Partnership, a group of state and private organizations in Sacramento that are working to get hydrogen into mainstream use.

The station was one of three recent sites to shutter, as well as another in Richmond that powered some AC Transit buses.


The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District will operate the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell as a supervisor's vehicle in the Sacramento area.

Yamaha Hydrogen Fuel Cell System that brings to the world motorcycle market the fuel cell motorcycle with 125cc class performance.

The ENV's been around for a couple of years as a prototype but the designers hope to develop a full-blown production model by the end of the year.


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